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A NEW Way to Live!
Creating inexpensive homes out of recycled shipping containers that
allow you to be debt free and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Live the Dream in a Shipping Container House!
  • Versatile – Allows for E-Z Expansion of Living Space
  • Custom Plans – Designed Just for You
  • Fast Construction Time to Move-in
  • Can Look Conventional with Bricks, Stucco, Siding
  • Environmentally Friendly: 100% Recycled Metal
  • Fire, Wind, Earthquake, Radiation & EMF Protection
  • Pest Free – No Termites or Rodents
  • Save the Forests and Wildlife

Build a Shipping Container Home and Enjoy MANY Benefits!

Use your Down Payment, and Pay as you Build, and still have Faster Construction Time to Move-in. Save Money: Lower Insurance, Steel Won’t Burn, Generally less expensive than steel modular units. Protection from Fire, Wind, Earthquakes, Radiation, EMF’s, Termites and Rodents! Environmentally Friendly: Use Recycled Containers, Steel is 100% Recyclable, Save Wildlife and Forests! Versatile – Allows for Expansion of Living Space and Can Look Conventional with Bricks, Stucco, Siding

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