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Innovation key to solving SA’s housing crisis

Cape Town - As the country struggles to deliver enough houses, a company that is building modular, cost-effective housing quickly, said that innovation was key to solving the housing crisis. The new modular housing project was recently launched in Gordon’s Bay. In the Western Cape the housing backlog stands at 575 000. It will take the provincial Housing Department about 27 years to address the backlog in the Western Cape. The provincial Human Settlements Department said they would only be able to deliver 18000 houses this year. The managing director of Innovative Modular Concepts, Len Douglas, has been designing small housing spaces for the past 20 years. He said their showhouse modular house was built using a steel shipping container that was clad with composite, and which would otherwise have been melted. It took about four weeks to assemble. It was also cool in summer and warm in winter. It was also very cost effective and did not use bricks or cement. "This is great and will enable us to address the housing need in the country." Stuart Pringle, the councillor for Somerset West, said the people involved in the company were visionaries. “This is their commitment to the area, [...]

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Reduce, reuse, recycle: Drake, Sask man turns old shipping container into new home

When some people see shipping containers, they think of metal bins that hold garbage from home renovations. Not Ian Schmidt though—when he looks at shipping containers, he sees a potential home. The Drake, SK man is a year and a half into building a home out of two shipping containers, or as some call them, Sea-Cans, that he's fused together. The home-in-progress is 540 square feet, and came about after Schmidt found himself intrigued by shipping container homes he saw on social media. There is an environmental reason behind why he's put 500 hours into building the shipping container home and dreams of being able to build homes for others on a full-time basis. "It's not really the aspect of saving money, it's more of that you're recycling a shipping container to begin with because there's a huge thing about metal waste and stuff and how they got brought to Canada and America and they just get left here, so it's a way of using them," Schmidt said. 'I've been kind of just figuring this out as I go' Schmidt didn't go into the project blind. He is a carpenter who does home renovations with his brother, his dad is [...]

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Tiny House Village’ aims to turn shipping containers into affordable veteran housing

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Affordable housing for all -- that's the goal of a project to end homelessness among our United States veterans. The project uses recycled and repurposed shipping containers. The 320-square-foot shipping container has been transformed into a safe, clean space for a homeless veteran. A ceremonial groundbreaking for "Tiny House Village" in Las Vegas was held on Monday. The initial plan would start with 11 units. "It takes vets off the streets and provides permanent housing for them," said Founder Arnold Stalk told KSNV-TV. "This is a precursor to next development of 100 homes, hopefully right next door." Stalk estimates there are about 7500 vets who are either homeless or on the verge of homelessness in Southern Nevada

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Miami-Dade officials considering tiny homes to tackle housing crisis

Florida has a massive affordable housing crisis. One solution Miami-Dade County commissioners are considering is the construction of tiny homes. This past week the commission unanimously voted to request that the mayor’s office look into changing zoning laws in order to allow developers to build tiny homes less than 300 square feet. Commissioner Barbara Jordan argues that, “Micro houses would encourage the efficient use of land by accommodating greater population density in a smaller area.” Miami New Times points out that “Miami Beach commissioners have discussed turning parking garages into workforce housing, and a nonprofit trying to tackle the housing crisis has pitched the idea of setting people up in modified shipping containers.” Hollywood-based builder The Container House recently built a custom cargo home in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, outside Miami Shores, which was featured on HGTV. But beyond the trend of the tiny home movement, these homes could be seen as a less expensive alternative for low-income residents who cannot afford to live in Florida. Florida ranks second behind Nevada in having the least available and accessible affordable housing for low-income residents in America, according to a report produced by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC). In Florida, “79 [...]

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Luxury shipping containers less than $50K that put your apartment to shame

We love a good shipping container home: it blends our tiny homes fascination with sustainability and repurposing. And we especially love when a cost-effective shipping container looks better than your regular home. Las Vegas-based company Alternative Living Spaces is using premium materials to create homes from $47,000 that put your $400 per week rental to shame. Shipping containers make use of the thousands of surplus containers that sit on docks around the world. They're durable and an eco-friendly alternative compact space.   The brilliant thing about shipping container residences is their versatility: you can use one as a guest house, an Airbnb, your home, a granny flat for a relative, or even as a study or studio space. Alternative Living Spaces builds luxury shipping containers that maximise on space, like this black shipping container (above) currently being used full-time in Sacramento. Each completely customisable home starts at $47,000 and includes the shipping container. Image: Alternative Living Spaces Deer artwork hides a Murphy bed, there's heating and air con, and exposed wooden beams ensure the space has a homey feel. There are also ample storage hacks and clever small-space tricks, like a pole under the desk to hang washing. The house is only [...]

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Apartments ready for rent in The Cargo District

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Container homes are now available for rent in The Cargo District, a new urban mix-use project in Wilmington. The Cargo District is located at 16th and Queen Streets. The nine apartments use a total of 18 shipping containers and mark the first phase of residential development in the community, according to a news release. They will be completed in June. “This initial phase of development is just the beginning for The Cargo District. We’re also planning more apartments, a coffee shop, and a food truck park,” states Leslie Smith, owner of L.S. Smith Inc. and developer of The Cargo District. The Cargo District is a mix of upcycled shipping containers to create commercial, office, and residential space. Related Article: Brunswick Forest, St. James get ‘Best in U.S.’ designation for retirement The nine one-bedroom apartments provide about 600 square feet of living space. The $1050 monthly rent includes water, sewer, trash, and basic internet. The lower level kitchens will include a reverse osmosis filtration system, living room, patio, small garden and off-street parking. The second level includes the bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, washer and dryer, and private balcony. The plan is to bring 50 to 70 additional [...]

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RDS Real Estate Announces Creation of Fort Worth Design District 40 Acre Enclave for Creative Entrepreneurs

FORT WORTH, TX, March 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- From Melbourne to Miami, cities are embracing the idea of enclaves designed to give creative entrepreneurs in design related field to work have an opportunity to office in a community that understands them. The center of the district is an innovative brightly hued business park made from more than 100 shipping containers. The new 40-acre Fort Worth Design District is just North of Fort Worth City limits and South of Alliance at the Golden Triangle Area of I-35 and will feature a mix of shops, studio spaces, workshops, distribution centers, light industrial space for makers, spaces for Etsy stores and creative micro enterprises. "Creatives want to work in neighborhoods that are thoughtfully designed, pleasing to the eye and fun" said Ron Sturgeon, owner of RDS Real Estate in Fort Worth and creator of the visionary concept. Box Office Warehouse Suites offers fully finished spaces starting at only 320 square feet with mini kitchen and ADA compliant restrooms. The beauty of a shipping container business park is that an entrepreneur can add space as the business grows by adding another container. "It's wonderful to be able to say to a business that you [...]

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Pop-up shipping-container hotel opens on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, and in the case of Contained, a pop-up hotel on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island, it comes packed in a 20-square-metre shipping container. With glass bi-fold doors, matte tapware, timber deck and water views, it feels very much like a trophy home, only smaller – and that is exactly the point that Contained creators Anatoly Mezhov and Irene Polo aim to make. “With our environmental and sustainability ethos, we’re trying to demonstrate that you can have a contained footprint but still have the luxury that you would need in a hotel room,” Mr Mezhov told Commercial Real Estate. The two boutique hotel suites have extendable parts to create extra space, including the slide-out bedroom on the side and an awning that unfolds to shelter the front deck. The “plug-and-play” bathroom, which consists of a shower and toilet, readily connects to the water and waste water infrastructure if available. If the rooms are placed in a rural setting where there are no mains, off-grid systems such as a worm-farm sewerage treatment plant, solar power and water tanks would be used. The bedroom extends out from the side of the container. Photo: Contained There is also a [...]

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Kaplan wants tax on vacant Oakland properties to help homeless

"It gets cold here. We up here getting pneumonia and flu. People be coughing," says Lewis. She is among the more than 2,700 homeless in Oakland in 2017, according to a count provided by the city and the nonprofit Everyone Counts. That's an increase of almost 600 from 2015. "Oakland has been struggling with a large and growing homelessness crisis," says Rebecca Kaplan, who is the citywide council member. She hosted the community meeting. Kaplan is proposing a $4,000 parcel tax on each vacant property, both commercial and residential, to specifically pay for homeless solutions. She says the city has identified 5,000 vacant properties. "We estimate that we can bring in $20 million a year in order to really strengthen the homeless response. That means tenant support. That means rapid rehousing," says Kaplan. Possible rapid housing solutions include providing more tiny houses and shipping container homes. "Even though we have money to build housing, we need to know what we can do immediately," says Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley who was on the panel of speakers. One faith leader proposes opening up church parking lots to help house the homeless...putting in tiny homes and allowing the homeless to park their [...]

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Set the bar wherever you are with this shipping container cantina

We have written about Honomobo’s modular shipping containers being used by customers as homes, getaway cabins, and even multi-family homes. Now, the Canadian innovators are taking a shot at transforming the bar scene with a completely independent container cantina that can be shipped and set up anywhere. Naturally, it’s called the Honomobar and it’s a moveable bar forged out of a shipping container. It can be literally plugged in and used at a moment’s notice, or locked up for the night with a few simple moves. The bar container is 8 feet by 12.6 feet with a 100-square foot footprint, giving it just enough room to host quite a lively party or drop a pop-up restaurant on the fly. A black aluminum roll shutter allows for nightly or seasonal lock up. Inside, Honomobo has kept to its meticulous aesthetic standards, using Canadian fir-treated butcher block for the bar top, a three-foot cedar overhang to keep the rain or snow away, and acid-wash steel panels to add sleek accents to the joint. For the sake of mobility and transport, the Honomo bar doesn’t need a foundation but it does require a crane to set it down or pick it back up [...]

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